Autism Diagnostic Research Centre
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The ADRC aims to supplement and enhance other investigations that the patient may already have undergone. The Triage Review will help tailor the assessment to meet the specific needs of each individual.

Information obtained from self-rating measures and previous relevant medical reports is collated and presented to the inter-disciplinary ADRC Clinical Team for review.

This is then used during -

Diagnosis assessment

This covers the Diagnostic Assessment which invloves looking at a person's developmental history, motor skills, language development, areas of specialist interest, and social development. ADRC uses…

Neuropsychological assessment

We know that autism affects the way a person makes sense of the world, processes information and relates to other people. We also know that there are some particular skills that people with autism…

Psychiatric assessment

Autism is not a mental illness. However, some people with autism to present with mental health problems such as anxiety or depression. For some people it will be necessary for the person to meet with…

Post-diagnostic review

Some people may have had a diagnosis as a child. As they grow and develop the impact that their autism may have is likely to change.