Autism Diagnostic Research Centre
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Our counsellor adopts a humanistic approach to counselling, drawing on techniques and strategies from CBT, Gestalt and Person-centred therapies as necessary. Using a combination of approaches along with knowledge and experience of ASD counselling sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of each individual in the best possible way.

Main aims

The aims of the counselling are to:

  • Help an individual understand and address some of the difficulties experienced growing up with ASD.
  • Gain a greater understanding of self and how ASD is affecting both self and interaction with others.
  • Raise awareness to reactions to gain valuable insight into self and gain a deeper understanding of living with ASD
  • Explore aspects of human behaviour, how these are interpreted and alternative thoughts and responses
  • Explore relationships with family and peers
  • Explore how the individual reacts to events and situations and the impact this has on self and ultimately how the individual then responds to others
  • Gain an understanding of strengths within the work place and strategies to manage work place differences
  • Help manage the anxiety experienced in particular circumstances
  • Develop anxiety management strategies and how to put these into practice
  • Enable an individual to become more confident in managing anxiety should it return
  • Focus on the future and coping strategies to support the individual once the counselling has ended.


  • Typically ten sessions would be offered
  • Initially sessions would be weekly providing momentum to work through the issues raised.
  • The time between sessions can then be extended to allow a period of time to consolidate what has been learnt and to put into practice some of the strategies discussed.


  • Gain a deeper understanding of self
  • More confident in self and in dealing with situations.
  • Reduced level of anxiety in work situations
  • Learn “not take things too personally” in relation to what others may say or what the individual thinks they mean, thus reducing general anxieties.
  • Enable an individual to feel confident to make decisions about the future based on what they would like, rather than trying to please others.


  • Each session would last one hour
  • Sessions are charged at £75 each
  • Ten sessions would therefore equate to £750