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Sample Schedule of Services

ADRC Southampton would be commissioned to provide a supervision/training service in relation to a particular, referred individual. This will aim to train and facilitate supervision to key-workers within a ‘virtual’ team (see below) who have collective responsibility for the long-term management of that referred individual.

Service Provided by ADRC

The service will be provided by the ADRC Clinical Team.

The aim of the supervision and training is to develop a service capacity ta point of autonomous intervention, with a coherent approach the long-term management and habilitation of the referred individual.

This will be facilitated through –

  • Provision of materials for training of staff/key-workers
  • Fortnightly, 3-hour supervision meetings with the integrated team to -
    • Provide contact with all members of the team
    • Establish a baseline measure of level of care
    • Prioritize needs tbe addressed including
    • Healthcare
    • Personal care
    • Habilitation
    • Social/family support
    • Environment
    • Set goals and targets
    • Develop interventions
    • Review the efficacy of interventions
    • Identify solutions tany problems encountered with goals/targets/plans
  • Quarterly review meetings with mangers to -
    • Review the work of the team
    • Consider the efficacy of the intervention