Autism Diagnostic Research Centre
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The Autism Diagnostic Research Centre (ADRC) is committed to providing an inter-disciplinary service for adults suspected of having an Autism Spectrum Disorder. The Company was set up in 2007 as a not-for-profit company by the University of Southampton and has its roots in the School of Psychology, and the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Training Programme. In July 2011 ADRC became a registered charity.

The Centre brings together a range of clinical disciplines that collectively generate not only a diagnosis but also produce a report that will help an individual better understand their condition. The report also gives clear and concise guidance in terms of recommendations for support, enabling those diagnosed to live more engaged, safe and fulfilling lives.

Since 2008 the clinic has developed its range of services to offer education programmes in autism and autism awareness for participants ranging from those with no basic knowledge through to expert practitioners.

The training programme has been developed by ADRC and all materials are available for review prior to delivery.

As part of the quality control programme, feedback is obtained from each session and this is augmented by internal review. The results of such reviews are used to adjust the programme where necessary.

There are three courses available -

Basic awareness course

This is a half day course constructed to have a logical narrative flow using a mixture of animated PowerPoint presentation, video, and a start and end quiz to reinforce learning. Participants will not…

Detailed awareness course

This is a half day course that builds on the basic course. It requires preparation in advance by those attending and more active participation during the course. It is more suitable for those working…

Train the trainer

This course assumes prior knowledge of the subject (i.e. completion of Detailed Awareness Course) and is intended to be available both to local authority employees and other organisations. It is an…